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Carl Linnaeus (1707 - 1778) is widely regarded as the pioneer of modern taxonomy. In 1730, Linnaeus began giving botany lectures at Uppsala University and eventually became a professor of botany. Throughout his life, he embarked on numerous excursions across the European mainland, meticulously cataloging all the wild flower species he discovered. Interestingly, even today, it is possible to visit the same locations, follow the paths Linnaeus once walked, and document the wild flower species present there. Essentially, we can recreate Linnaeus' botanical journeys!

This is what the website BotanicalJourneys.com is all about. The journeys featured on this site are undertaken by Rutger Barendse from Belgium and Jeroen Willemsen from the Netherlands. We strive to present our Botanical Journeys (in Europe) in an accessible format, providing lists of the plants we have encountered along with their respective locations. For many of the Journeys, we include detailed trip reports highlighting the botanical highlights and offering useful tips on where to go and what to see. Additionally, photographs and links to Google Maps aid in locating the recorded plant species. Each journey also comes with a list of the books used as references.

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