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Carl Linnaeus (1707 - 1778) is considered to be the founder of modern taxonomy. In 1730 Linnaeus started giving lectures of botany at Uppsala University and later became professor of botany. Carl Linnaeus made lots of excursions on the European mainland, producing lists of all wild flower species he discovered. Even nowadays it is possible to go to the same locations, follow the same paths Linnaeus followed and write down the wild flower species that are present there. In fact, we can do the same as Linnaeus did!

This is what the website is all about. The journeys presented on this site are made by Rutger Barendse (Belgium) and Jeroen Willemsen (The Netherlands). We are trying to put our Botanical Journeys (in Europe) in an accessible format, presenting a list of the plants we have seen and their location. For many Journeys we have added a report of the trips, in which we point out the botanical highlights and give you some tipson where te go and what to see. Pictures and links to Google Maps will help you to finding the location of the recorded plant species. We will also give a list of the books we have used for each specific journey.



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